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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens organizes entrepreneurship courses and general activities, such as: development of entrepreneurial culture among the students and graduates of the academic community, expansion and enhancement of innovative business ideas, implementation of integrated interventions for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. More specifically, the actions supported by “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit”initiativeare the following:

1. Entrepreneurship Courses and Case Studies, designed for twenty (20) different Schools and Faculties of the University of Athens. Approximately two thousand and five hundred students (2.500) have already participated.

2. Presentations of entrepreneurs - business executives in different faculties and students’visits in productive institutions and enterprises (approximately 75).

3. Consultation (mentoring) to students and graduatesfor the creation of Business Plans and tools for financial analysis (application) for virtual enterprises

4. Organization of workshops and entrepreneurship competitions on innovation and entrepreneurship (4 annual competitions and approximately 200 business plans).

5. Maintain a network of graduates, who have used the services of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit and / or attended Entrepreneurship courses and continue supporting them and use of services that could be offered to other students.


Schools and Faculties

  1. Faculty of Economics
  2. Faculty of the Philosophy and History of Science
  3. Faculty of Pharmacy
  4. Faculty of Primary Education
  5. Faculty of Informatics and Telecommunications
  6. Faculty of Geology and Geo-environment
  7. Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science
  8. Faculty of Turkish and Modern Asian Studies
  9. Faculty of Early Childhood Education
  10. Faculty of Slavic Studies
  11. Faculty of Dentistry
  12. Faculty of French Language and Literature
  13. Faculty of German Language and Literature
  14. Faculty of Communication and Mass Media
  15. Faculty of Spanish Language and Literature
  16. Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology
  17. Faculty of English Language and Literature
  18. Faculty of Law
  19. Faculty of Theology
  20. Faculty of Social Theology


The purpose of” Business Plan”applicationisfinancial analysis and creation of an initial business plan. This tool has been designed to reflect the decisionsthat financial advisors have to face on.

For every user of this application there are three different levels of sales which are related with the infrastructure, staff and promotion policy as stated in the business plan. After you fill in the details, you can see the image of your virtual company's predictive balance sheets. These balances are based on the information you have entered and some basic accounting assumptions. On the basis of these balances, the strengths and weaknesses of your virtual company arerevealed.

Also, you can see the change in your company's size by the change in sales. This is an important tool for assessing the risk of bearing the investment project. If your calculations are correct, you may experience irrational elements in predictive balance sheets, such as negative fund or equity. These elements are a serious indication that we need to redraw the business plan and fill in again the form with the requested data.

In any case, the completion of the above procedure does not finalize the financial process of organizing a business plan. But it is a base of reflection and organizational fundamentals that must be included in a business plan.



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